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AI that enables new possibilities and new opportunities.

AI as enabler

We believe that:

AI should not replace humans. Instead, AI should enable humans to do what was not possible before. AI should make what is beyond people's imagination possible.

There is no worse business model than attempting to replace human labor, such as human drivers, solely for profit. The greatest value AI should aim for is making the impossible possible and providing new possibilities and opportunities.

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Our team consists of top AI scientists and engineers from leading internet companies such as AirBNB, Alibaba, Uber, Yahoo, and more.

With years of industrial experience, we specialize in transforming cutting-edge AI technology and research into user-loved products.

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We don't develop technology just for the sake of it; our expertise lies in solving real-world problems.

By combining deep science, deep technology, and our know-how in applying science and technology, we create a business advantage that enables us to solve real-world problems.

We have cutting edge proprietary technologies, we also actively contribute to open-source community,AirLLM: run 70B Large LLM on single GPU with only 4GB memor, 33B open source LLM

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Controllable AI

Value oriented AI

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Controllable AI

One of the major challenges in today's AI is controllability. Even with advanced models like GPT4, it is often difficult to have fine-grained control.

To address this issue, we employ various techniques, including our proprietary AI technologies and user-oriented product designs. These techniques provide users with precise control levers to achieve their specific needs.

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Value oriented and Goal oriented AI

Generating content is made easy by Generative AI. However, merely generating content does not provide significant value to users.

Our approach involves building AI models that possess a profound understanding of real-world values. We utilize these values and goals to guide the content generation process, ensuring meaningful and valuable output for users.

Let's begin the magical 💥✨💫 journey.....

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AI that enables.

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